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  • What spread of Mandibuzz are you using though? Pretty sure Zard-X 2 shots Mandi with Flare Blitz even with Jolly while 0 SpA EV, no Item Hoopa-U guarantees a 2HKO with Thunderbolt even without Rocks.
    so I guess we are battling for PSPL lll, im GMT -6 is there a specific time that would work best for you

    i would like to play sometime this weekend cause i am busy during the week. Since i am GMT+1 we have a pretty big time gap so i think we should play around noon in your timezone. That's early evening for me.
    Hihi, we talked on PS! So Saturday/Sunday GMT -5 or whenever you're free n.n
    for PSPL III*
    pls relpy to sidakarya in dont use this use that thread by saying "no its actually 2nd tier you dumbass can you even read??"

    It'll be hilarious!
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